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Notice Regarding Scripture

Please note that each sermon provides scripture verses from the NRSV. 

Lectionary Readings


Display #
Study DateTitleScriptureTeacher
Dec 28, 2014Born & MadeLuke 2:22-40Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Dec 21, 2014How Can This Be?Luke 1:26-38Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Dec 14, 2014Waiting Is Living1Thessalonians 5:16-24Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Dec 7, 2014God Is Waiting2Peter 3:8-15Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 30, 2014We Are Waiting1Corinthians 1:3-9Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 23, 2014God's Unnatural NatureEzekiel 34:11-16Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 16, 2014Persistent Encouragement1Thessalonians 5:1-11Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 9, 2014Dedicated CommitmentJoshua 24:14-25Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 2, 2014Humble ServiceMatthew 23:1-12Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Oct 26, 2014Once Upon A Time1Thessalonians 2:1-8Rev. Daniel Yang
Oct 19, 2014The Back of GloryExodus 33:12-23Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Oct 12, 2014Spiritual Workout MealPhilippians 4:1-9Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Oct 5, 2014Spiritual Workout MotivationPhilippians 4:4-14Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 28, 2014Spiritual Workout MentalityPhilippians 2:1-13Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 21, 2014God's Hourly WageMatthew 20:1-16Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 14, 2014Stretching Out Our HandsExodus 14:19-31Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 7, 2014To Lock or to Unlock?Matthew 18:15-20Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Aug 31, 2014Overcome Evil CounterintuitivelyRomans 12:9-21Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Aug 24, 2014The Story of Shiphrah and PuahExodus 1:8-22Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Aug 10, 2014God's Purposeful Grace: The Calling to Advance His ReignRuth 4:1-22Dr. Peter Cha