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Notice Regarding Scripture

Please note that each sermon provides scripture verses from the NRSV. 

Lectionary Readings


Display #
Study DateTitleScriptureTeacher
Feb 18, 2018Taste the RainbowGenesis 9:8-17Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Feb 11, 2018Transfiguration and ChangeMark 9:2-9Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Feb 4, 2018Feeling Disregarded by GodIsaiah 40:21-31Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jan 28, 2018To Puff Up or Build Up1Corinthians 8:1-13Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jan 21, 2018Follow Me, Follow MeJonah 3:1-5Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jan 14, 2018Come and See and I'll BeJohn 1:43-51Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jan 7, 2018Baptized in Jesus' NameGenesis 1:1-5Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Dec 24, 2017Busy Living, Busy RejoicingLuke 2:1-20Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Dec 3, 2017The Realm of ImpossibilityLuke 1:26-38Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 26, 2017Seeking and Sorting the SheepEzekiel 34:11-16Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 19, 2017Give Us Some of Your OilMatthew 25:1-13Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Nov 5, 2017Let Your Feet Touch the WaterJoshua 3:7-17Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Oct 29, 2017Missed AppointmentsDeuteronomy 34:1-12Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Oct 22, 2017The Tiresome YeastMark 8:11-21Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 24, 2017A Generous GodMatthew 20:1-16Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 17, 2017Between the Army and the SeaExodus 14:19-31Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 3, 2017Who Am I That I Should GoExodus 3:1-15Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Aug 27, 2017Triangulated MidwivesExodus 1:8-22Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jul 23, 2017The Wheat and the WeedsMatthew 13:24-43Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jun 25, 2017What Can the Chosen Choose?Romans 6:1-11Rev. Dr. Jonah So