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Study DateTitleScriptureTeacher
Sep 27, 2015Judging Those Outside1Corinthians 5:9-13Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 20, 2015Relating with the Invisible GodGenesis 1:25Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Sep 13, 2015Created to CreateGenesis 1:26-28Rev. Daniel Yang
Sep 6, 2015Learning to LoveColossians 1:3-13Rev. Daniel Yang
Aug 30, 2015Resting in GodPsalm 46Rev. Daniel Yang
Aug 23, 2015Anam Cara: Soul Friend1Samuel 18:1-9Rev. Daniel Yang
Aug 16, 2015Other-wiseEphesians 5:15-20Rev. Daniel Yang
Aug 9, 2015After the Music FadesIsaiah 63:7-9Rev. Sung Hee Lee
Aug 8, 2015Christ's FullnessEphesians 1:15-23Rev. Sung Hee Lee
Aug 8, 2015Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?Mark 15:33-39Rev. Sung Hee Lee
Aug 7, 2015Voice of Silence1Kings 19:1-18Rev. Sung Hee Lee
Aug 2, 2015Let's Deal With ItPsalm 34:17-20Rev. Daniel Yang
Jul 26, 2015Sacred ConversationsColossians 4:6Rev. Daniel Yang
Jul 19, 2015One in ChristEphesians 2:11-22Rev. Daniel Yang
Jul 12, 2015Wandering the Desert or Crossing the JordanNumbers 14:28-35Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jun 28, 2015Baptismal Identity: Key to CommunityEphesians 2:14-22Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jun 21, 2015Gathering UpEphesians 1:7-10Rev. Dr. Jonah So
Jun 7, 2015Our Story: God's ChoiceEphesians 1:3-6Rev. Dr. Jonah So
May 31, 2015Free to Answer When God CallsIsaiah 6:1-8Rev. Dr. Jonah So
May 24, 2015Presence in AbsenceJohn 15:26-27Rev. Dr. Jonah So